R&J Phantom Screens

Serving Riverside and San Bernardino Counties in Southern California

The Home of Retractable Screens for Riverside and San Bernardino Counties of Southern California

R&J Phantom Screens is owned and operated by Jamie Kichline. Similar to most Phantom Screens Distributors, Ray was first introduced to the revolutionary retractable screen by chance and quickly realized the potential of the product. A visiting friend from Calgary, AB explained the concept of how their retractable screen “disappears” when not in use, giving them an unobstructed window view of the outside. Ray was intrigued by the simple concept and soon requested a model to see it for himself.  After careful inspection, he knew the concept would meet a great need in the southern California area – by keeping bugs and solar glare out, while retracting away from view when not in use. He was soon able to secure a distributorship with his son Jamie in 1995, and now covers the Riverside and San Bernardino counties of Southern California. Both partners love watching new customers experience their Phantom Screens for the first time. There’s always a “wow” factor with each new install. Equally important is their commitment to continued service and maintenance. A well maintained screen can last 10 -15 years, with often only the mesh needing replacement. Jamie says, "Every single one of our customers matter to us. We want to make a difference – even in a small way – in the lives of the people we touch. So we pride ourselves on truly great service, amazing products and the simple joy of opening up your home to good things." Isn’t it time you had a Phantom Screen to maximize your living space as well? Contact us today and we’ll get you started.